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(US Orders Only)

Machine Quilting Services and Prices

Freehand Overall Quilting (edge to edge):

$.015 to $.02 per square inch with a minimum of $35.

I time the quilting to determine which overall price. Lighter and simpler quilting is usually $.015 and little heavier or a little more complex quilting is usually $.02. You may specify if you would like me to keep it in the simpler quilting range. My goal is to reach a fair price for you and me. In addition to the quilting you choose, keep in mind that your quilt top being precise and well prepared can also affect the price as it all relates to time. 

Custom Quilting:
$35/hour with a minimum of $45.

Fabric Prep or Piecing:

Rush Jobs (Have to have it in less than 2 weeks):

$25 additional